Tesla confirms Cybertruck is going to get 1 MW ultra-fast charging tech


A Cybertruck production prototype

With the unveiling of the Tesla Semi, the automaker confirmed that Tesla Cybertruck will also take advantage of the company’s 1 MW ultra-fast charging technology.

At today’s Tesla Semi Delivery Event, the automaker didn’t roll out a new Roadster from the back of a Tesla Semi as it did at the truck’s original unveiling 5 years ago, but there was still a ‘one more thing’ moment during the event.

Tesla unveiled its new 1 MW DC fast-charging technology for the Tesla Semi.

We already knew that Tesla had a ~1 MW charging tech for the Tesla Semi, but at the event today, Tesla announced its new ‘immersion cooling technology’ that enables to achieve a much higher output in the same small form factor:

That’s massively impressive in itself, but also much needed for a large semi truck with a massive battery pack.

The big news was that Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed during the event that it will also be used by Cybertruck:

It will be used by Cybertruck too.

Dan Priestley, Tesla Semi Program Manager, added:

This is coming to our Superchargers next year.

Recent plans for new Supercharger stations did show stalls dedicated to pickup trucks. Now it sounds like those stalls will have a much higher capacity. It appears to be linked to Tesla’s new Supercharger V4.

During the event, Tesla also confirmed that the new 1,000-volt powertrain in the Tesla Semi will make it to other vehicle programs – without confirming that it will include the Cybertruck.

Electrek’s Take

That’s big news – although not entirely clear. While the new technology enables over 1 MW charging, Musk didn’t make it clear if the Cybertruck would be able to achieve that or if it would just use the same technology.

It’s not impossible that it could, but it would probably be for only a short period of time at low states of charge.

Nonetheless, it means that we can expect blazing-fast charging speeds from the Tesla Cybertruck when it comes to market next year and Tesla adds this new technology to not only its new charging stations for Tesla Semi for commercial purposes but also to Supercharger stations for regular Tesla drivers.

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