Hot off the heels of exciting new announcements and products, power supply experts Bluetti spring into an Easter sale. With a wide variety of solar panels, large and small scale batteries and inverters show discounts on their most popular models of power and solar systems. With savings up to $1,099 now is a great time to upgrade your adventure, and secure your home energy needs.

Below are a few highlights from the Bluetti easter sale ranging from pint-sized and portable to home back-up powerhouse. All the units listed here are built with long lasting LiFePO4 Batteries With 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%, Bluetti App control, and warranty coverage up to 4 years.

AC300 + B300

The AC300 home backup unit and B300 battery provides 3,072Wh already, and can expand to 12,288Wh at max capacity. As a 24/7 home backup, this uninterruptible power supply can keep the hole home powered in case of emergency. With 7 ways to recharge, it’s easy to see why the AC300 propelled the company to new heights. With a 3000W inverter, the AC300 can take a hit. Save $399 on the AC300+B300

AC500 + B300S

The AC500 and B300S battery carry the baton of continuous progress, adding a bit more for the money with Bluetti. With a more powerful inverter and surge capacity over the AC300, this power station can expand to 18,432wh. The AC500 also improves to 5000W of rated power. With 16 outlets and all the internal inverters, rectifiers, charger and transformers, the AC500 is the choice for flexible power at home, or even on adventures. Save $300 on the AC500+B300S


Bluetti’s EB3A kicks off their portable power line, with an impressive 268wh of power. With a wide array of personal device charging, including 9 total outputs including 110v, wireless charging pad, USB-A and USB-C options. The EB3A also includes 430W fast charging, easy carry handle, and a 600W inverter. Bluetti’s EB3A also includes an LED light on the face for either emergency signaling, or to light up a card game in the camper. Save $30 on the EB3A


The EB70S takes portable power to the next level. Instead of dipping your toes with the EB3A, you can jump in with the EB70S’ 716wh of power and 800w inverter. Adding to a total of 17 outlets and a max input of 200w, this fast charging long-lasting adventure fuel is also easy to carry and packs in with the over-landing gear. And it still retains the convenience LED light. Save $50 on the EB70S


The heavy weight class of portable power starts with the Bluetti AC200P. With 2,000wh and a 2,000w inverter, there isn’t much you can pack with you that the AC200P can’t handle. With 17 outlets and 1,100w max fast charge, this hulk could become a mainstay of the RV. Save $175 on the AC200P


Eking out a bit more power, the AC200MAX carries a 2,048wh and a 2,200w inverter, but also adds the capability to connect to additional batteries. With a maximum capacity of 8,192wh, Bluetti can power well over a week of glamping power, or keep your entire home powered during any power emergency. Save $260 on the AC200MAX