A new Tesla Solar Roof installation that includes Tesla’s entire energy ecosystem is giving us a glimpse at the house of the future when it comes to energy.

There’s a clear shift in the market toward home energy independence.

The shift to renewable energy is allowing homeowners to produce their own energy, and now, with the advent of home energy storage, homeowners can take better advantage of their energy, specifically solar power, and even protect themselves against power outages.

Tesla now sells an entire ecosystem of energy products, including solar panels, solar roof, solar inverters, Powerwalls, and home charging stations.

Now we have a great example of the integration of all those systems into a single home with the addition of another interesting product.

Texas-based solar installer Good Faith Energy shared a very impressive new installation in Coppell, Texas:

The beautiful home features a 20 kW Tesla Solar Roof and a separate 15 kW solar panel system feeding into the home.

Good Faith was able to optimize the solar roof for the house’s existing roof, which needed replacing.

But that’s not even the most impressive part of this home energy installation.

In the garage, they have installed four Tesla Powerwalls, three Tesla solar investors, two NEMA 14-50 outlets for Tesla Mobile Connectors, and two Span electrical panels:

It’s one of the cleanest Powerwall/electrical panel installations we have seen to date. The four Powerwalls provide 54 kWh of backup energy capacity, enabling the home to be completely independent.

The Span electrical panels go perfectly with Tesla’s energy ecosystem, which is not surprising considering it was started by a Tesla engineer.

The smart electrical panel enables precise tracking of where your power is going, which can influence homeowners to make better choices, and it even enables homeowners to move appliances on or off Powerwall’s backup power in real time during an outage.

Electrek’s Take

I think this installation is likely a version of what homes in the future will be like. Obviously, this is an extremely premium example, but like most technologies, it starts with the premium markets and slowly makes its way down the market.

The Span electrical panels are also very interesting. They are very complementary to Tesla’s home energy ecosystem.

It would make sense for Tesla to develop a similar product or partner with Span for better integration.

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