Genesis revealed plans today for a Tesla-like all-in-one home energy solution with electric vehicle charging, solar panels, and an energy storage system.

As the luxury brand from the Hyundai Motor Group, Genesis is expected to play a key role in the South Korean automaker’s transition to an all-electric future.

Genesis is vowing to end the production of new gas-powered models by 2026, well ahead of many automakers’ timelines. Its quest began with the first all-electric Genesis model, the GV60, a sleek and agile tech-loaded crossover, in 2019. (Check out our full review of it here.)

Last year, Genesis followed it up with two new pure electric models. The first was the Electrified G80 executive sedan, a zero-emission version of its G80 luxury sedan with 282 miles EPA estimated range.

Its third EV, the Genesis Electrified GV70, will be the automaker’s first model assembled in the US at its Montgomery, Alabama, facility. The first GV70 rolled off the production line early this year and is now available in 22 US states.

Genesis plans to upgrade the EV ownership experience by taking a page from Tesla’s playbook with its “Genesis Home” residential energy solution featuring AC EV charging, rooftop solar panels, and energy storage systems.

Genesis introduces Tesla-like home energy solution

According to the press release Wednesday, Genesis is streamlining the home electrification process with premium products and technologies in addition to experienced installers and dedicated energy advisors.

Genesis says its energy advisors will walk customers through the entire process tailoring the system to their unique needs.

The Genesis Home energy system includes rooftop solar panels, battery energy storage, and a 240V ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 charger, among other features.

With the ChargePoint charger, users can choose between 16 and 50 amps to fit a wide range of home electrical services and EV charging capabilities.

The solar panels and energy storage systems are available through the Genesis Home Marketplace and by referral from select Genesis dealers.

Altogether, the system provides your home with sustainable, renewable energy that you can store and use in the event of a blackout, during peak usage hours to reduce energy costs, or at night.

The system is a very similar concept to Tesla’s Powerwall, an integrated battery system that also stores energy from the sun to help keep the lights on if the grid goes down. Tesla’s Powerwall can detect outages coming and will automatically recharge with solar to keep your appliances turned on.