Automobili Pininfarina unveils the new topless Barchetta – now the most expensive EV on the planet


Less than a week after teasing a new “collectible masterpiece” codenamed the B95, Automobili Pininfarina has just unveiled the EV – which we have learned is called the Barchetta. This extremely limited production run electric hypercar feature blends past and present with an entirely open top and a “world’s first” aero screen design. Such rarity comes at a price, though, earning the title of most expensive EV to date.

Today’s global premiere in Monterey caps off quite a busy summer for Automobili Pininfarina, who has already graced the world of EV enthusiasts with not one, but two uniquely designed electric hypercars.

First was the Battista Edizione hyper GT – the automaker’s second chapter in limited-edition versions of its flagship EV – the Battista – an elusive vehicle itself. This hyper GT dedicated to the original founder’s nephew and the first-ever Formula 1 champion, Nino Farina, goes 0-60 mph in a mind-boggling 1.79 seconds. That level of speed is quite hard to come by, and so is the new EV delivering it – Automobili Pininfarina says it only intends to build five.

Earlier this month, the hypercar developer followed up with another astonishing exercise in EV design, introducing a new concept called the PURA Vision – complete with a glasshouse top hat and tri-opening pillarless doors.

At the time, we learned the PURA Vision would be on display in Northern California at Monterey Car Week and that a new “B95” EV recently teased by Pininfarina would debut with some of the same design elements as the concept.

Following today’s global premiere, you may notice one element not included in the B95’s design is the glasshouse. Instead, Automobili Pininfarina has removed the top altogether.

Meet the all-electric Barchetta.

Barchetta arrives as a new EV celebrating Pininfarina’s history

During today’s global debut, we have learned that the “B” in B95 stands for… you guessed it, Barchetta. Meanwhile, the “95” is a nod to the automaker’s 95th anniversary in 2025 – the year Pininfarina SpA intends to begin customer deliveries of the limited-edition hyper EV. Company chairman Paolo Pininfarina spoke:

The B95 is elegant, bold, beautiful, and innovative. Everything that defines a true Pininfarina design.  It will be the perfect celebration of the 95th anniversary of Pininfarina, which has an unrivaled history creating rare icons that are now the most revered and sought-after collectors’ cars in the world. B95 will undoubtedly continue this legacy and also deliver a statement of intent for Automobili Pininfarina as it develops an incredible portfolio of new luxury electric cars.

Pininfarina SpA speaks often and at length about its PURA design philosophy that strives for vehicles that are pure, timeless, and instantly recognizable. Don’t forget super rare to come by. To keep drivers safe on the road or track without the repose of a glasshouse, Pininfarina has implemented unique design elements on the Barchetta, including a more submersive cabin space, domes behind each passenger’s head, and electronically adjustable aero screens the automaker has proclaimed a “world’s first.”

Each version of Pininfarina’s newest EV will be built entirely by hand at the automaker’s facility in Cambiano, Italy. Like the original Battista, Pininfarina SpA will work alongside each customer to create a Barchetta that is truly one of a kind. For added safety, the automaker says its design team will also offer bespoke helmets to its customers to match their one-of-a-kind Barchetta.

How many customers is the hypercar developer courting, you ask? A mere ten this time. That being said, you can expect a price tag to match. This is a “collectible masterpiece,” after all. Pininfarina SpA shared that each bespoke Barchetta will cost a staggering 4.4 million euros ($4.78 million).

That officially takes the crown from the Aspark Owl as the most expensive EV on the planet. Congrats team!

So, what sort of performance can nearly $5 million get you? The Barchetta’s makers say the new hypercar will feature the same powertrain as the Battista hyper GT, but uniquely tuned. It’ can ‘s four individual motors can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds and reach a top speed over 300km/h (186 mph).

The Barchetta’s T-shaped, liquid-cooled, 120 kWh lithium-ion battery generates a peak power of 1400 kW (1,900 PS) and can achieve charge rates up to 270 kW on DC fast chargers, replenishing from 20-80% top up in 25 minutes.

Visitors to Monterey Car Week can get an up-close look at the new Barchetta alongside Pininfarina SpA’s other two EV models. We will cap this news off with a quote from CEO Paolo Dellachà, who summed up the debut of this summer’s hyper EV trinity up quite well:

This is the most exciting chapter of the Automobili Pininfarina story so far – we’re taking another big step forward. The introduction of the B95 is the third of three essential building blocks this summer for our brand. First, we introduced the Battista Edizione Nino Farina, an exclusive celebration of Pininfarina’s racing son – also the first Formula 1 World Champion.

The launch of the PURA Vision design concept then unlocked a new design philosophy for all future models from our brand, across a spectrum of different segments. Now, our new Barchetta shows how these design principles can be applied – with a retro-futuristic vision fusing classic motorsport themes with the latest technological innovations, materials and processes.

B95 delivers the power of Battista and yet creates a new dimension of driving experience, redefining the very joy of driving. It is the first of a new kind, an object of desire that introduces the thrill of exceptional, electrified performance in stunning open-top form.

Well said. By the way, can anyone lend me $4.78 million? I’m good for it, I promise.