Next-gen Mercedes EQC spotted – Electric GLC successor to rival Tesla Model Y


The all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQC will finally arrive in the United States, but not in its current form. The next-generation EQC was spotted testing ahead of its imminent reveal later next year or in 2025.

The EQC is the three-pointed star’s first all-electric vehicle designed from the ground up to be an EV. It was expected to be the first mass-volume Mercedes-Benz EV to roll out in the US, but that didn’t happen.

After starting deliveries in Europe in 2019, the EQS was initially planned to reach the US in 2020. However, after delaying it by a year, Mercedes scratched the EQS launch altogether in the US.

Mercedes has launched several electric SUVs since, including the EQS SUV, EQE SUV, and EQB. The electric EQS SUV led the brand’s US electric sales, with over 3,000 units sold in Q2.

Meanwhile, after North American dealers were shown new vehicles and products in May, Mercedes dealer board chairman Joseph Agresta told Automotive News, “There’s a lot of EVs, and EV is certainly our future.”

This includes an electric CLA sedan and an electric GLC crossover as a successor to the first-gen EQC.

First spy photos of next-gen Mercedes EQC SUV surface

One dealer described the next-gen Mercedes EQC as “having a rounded front and rear” rather than the boxy style displayed on the gas-powered GLC. The first spy images of the new electric SUV leave little doubt of this.

The images from Auto Express show a more aerodynamic crossover SUV with a short bonnet and a tighter overall look (although the roof still looks rather boxy).

Meanwhile, the next-gen EQC is slated to ride on Mercedes’ new MMA platform, due out in 2025, rather than the current EVA that underpins the EQE and EQS models.

The advancements will boost the new EQC’s efficiency, enabling larger battery packs and optimized electric motor placement.

According to the report, the MMA platform will feature both single- and dual-motor powertrains as Mercedes works to vertically integrate to cut costs and refine production.

The next-gen EQC is expected to be revealed later next year or in early 2025, as production is slated to begin later that year.

New entry-level electric CLA sedan

First, Mercedes plans to unveil its new entry-level electric car. Ahead of its debut at the IAA Mobility in Munich, we got our first glimpse at what the CLA-sized electric sedan looks like (you can view all those images here).

The new Mercedes electric models are aimed at Tesla’s sweet spots in the Model 3 and the Model Y. The entry-level CLA is expected to get 400 miles of driving range, while the next-gen EQC is tipped to have 300 miles of range with an all-new design.

With an electric CLA and GLC successor on the way, reports suggest Mercedes may move away from the “EQS” naming system. We’ll keep you updated with the latest Mercedes-Benz EV news as the automaker rolls out new models.