We finally have a clear shot of the Tesla Cybertruck with frunk open


Tesla is currently testing the dual-motor Cybertruck, of which we’ve been getting a lot of pictures, and now we have the best look yet at its wide-but-shallow frunk.

We’ve seen photos of the Cybertruck’s massive frunk opening before, but they’ve always been taken from a distance or the side – never a great look at the actual opening and how much space there might be for cargo. Last month, we got a blurry side video of the frunk with the liner open, which gave a pretty good idea of what the opening looks like, but that was still at a poor angle.

This morning, we got more photos of the hood open, but there was no frunk liner installed, instead giving us a view of the car’s internals – or at least, the internals of an engineering test unit.

But now we have a full photo of the actual frunk open with lining installed, showing us just how much cargo space it will have and how usable that cargo space might be. Plus, despite the low resolution of the photo, if you look closely, you can see what looks like the Cybertruck logo embossed into the lining:

The photo was posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum by forum user Old Spice, aka Ben. It was taken today, but that’s all the information we have.

As shown in the last video, the opening is indeed rather shallow. It’s smaller than some other frunks we’ve seen lately – smaller than the F-150 Lightning’s huge opening, not as long as the Escalade IQ’s, and it may be less deep than the Rivian’s (though this is harder to tell from the photo).

Here are photos of the frunks on each of those three vehicles to get a sense of what we’re comparing with here:

But the thing the Cybertruck has over all three of those frunks is width and ease of access. The Rivian is deep, but there’s a big lift-over ledge, which makes it more awkward to get heavy stuff inside. The Lightning has a bit of a lip, too, though it’s relatively low. The Escalade does well in this respect, with almost no lip, making it easy to slide objects in and out, but its frunk is narrower than the Cybertruck’s wide opening.

The Cybertruck’s frunk seems almost completely flat. There’s a small ridge there, but it’s not high enough to restrict sliding things in and out of it. So if you’ve got something heavy that you don’t want to lift in and out of the trunk, and would rather slide it in – like a cooler full of ice, for example – the design of the Cybertruck’s frunk will be good for that application.

Additionally, there’s very little bumper in front of it, and nothing is painted, so you don’t have to worry about scratching the paint or getting dirty stuff on the uncarpeted plastic interior. It even looks like it could serve as an impromptu bench for “frunk-gating,” but perhaps the trunk lid is a little too low for those purposes.

The ease of access does have a downside, however. Cargo (such as groceries) could shift around while driving and might end up leaning against the trunk opening, ready to spill out when opened. A net could solve this for owners who use their frunk for those purposes, though we don’t see any included mounting points for one in the photo.

And, while the frunk is a little shallow, Tesla claims the Cybertruck will be the first sub-19-foot pickup with four doors and a 6+ foot bed (though that record might not last long if the TELO truck makes it to production). Something had to give, and frankly, more trunk space is probably more usable than more frunk space. So it’s understandable that this choice was made.

What do you think of the Tesla Cybertruck’s frunk now that we’ve gotten a better look at it? Is it what you expected? What are you planning to carry around in it? Let us know in the comments.