XPeng offers first (camo’d) glimpse at its upcoming X9 multipurpose vehicle (MPV)


Ahead of its expected launch in Q4 of this year, XPeng Motors has shared three new images of its X9 MPV donning some geometric camouflage. It may not be the sleekest-looking EV to come out of XPeng’s development labs, but multipurpose EVs like this are becoming widely popular in China.

Less than two months after debuting its fifth production EV called the G6, XPeng Motors’ chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng followed up with news that the Chinese automaker was developing a sixth model called the X9.

When it arrives later this year, it will be XPeng’s first attempt at an MPV, targeting a certain niche but growing segment in China. All-electric MPVs are becoming popular due to their size (seven seats) and modularity – perfect for taxi services, family trips, or transporting larger groups and their belongings.

After revealing the official X9 model name during XPeng Motors’ Q1 earnings call, He Xiaopeng described the sixth model as an attempt to compete in the “young” MPV market, which currently consists of glorified luxury minivans like the ZEEKR 009, Buick GL8, or Denza D9.

We had previously hoped XPeng would come up with something a little sexier in the MPV segment, but from the looks of it (from the camo’d version at least), the X9 looks like it will fit right in. Check it out.

Credit: XPeng Motors/Weibo
Credit: XPeng Motors/Weibo

XPeng looks to attract young families with X9 MPV

XPeng Motors share the three images above on its Weibo page today along with a hashtag that was clearly and hilariously lost in translation:

Touring the mountains and sea, change your imagination of life!
#XpengX9 #big guys can also be lazy

Despite being camouflaged, this is our best look at the upcoming MPV to date that does look surprisingly aerodynamic for a seven-seat BEV that also resembles the shape of a slightly used stick of butter.

XPeng Motors has previously shared that it took into account how younger consumers might relate to an MPV when it designed the X9. Priorities are most certainly different in China, but it’s hard to image a young US couple in their late twenties or early thirties vying for this vehicle. To each their own though!

XPeng clearly sees potential in an infant electric MPV market overseas, more likely in the business-use segment than passengers. We will see how well it does when it hits the market in Q4, but probably won’t have a real idea of its appeal in China until Q1 2024. The automaker has already said that it doesn’t expect X9 sales to contribute too much to its 2023 annual sales total, hinting that its arrival will be late in the year.

What do you think? Face-lifted minivan or genuine large EV?